What if the one I love is not the one who meant to be my man but my soulmate? Pastageonista


let us be superduper nice today - LIF3

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Last year i wanted to dye my hair but for some reasons i didnt do it. Last week i saw a picture of a girl with dyed hair and i thought i’d just do it finally. I immediately called yoon-hae to help me find the correct products. We bleached it first and used ‘directions” “turquoise” to dye it. My hair isnt turkis but green now because i didnt let the bleacher bleach my hair until it was platin white since i was afraid of it getting freezy what could have happened if i let the bleacher for too long onto my hair. But i’m happy with the green color too =D thank you yoon-hae for dying my hair and thank you littlegy for the mental support



#Antique #Caucasian #Kazak #rug from 1900.
Size: 4’ 4” x 8’ 0”


fucking cuddle with me you bitch

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Gabs by Martyn Ewoma


"A.P.C X Carhartt" x Adidas by Martyn Ewoma 




hey i’m kate and i really like your face ;)



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